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Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) offers a latest recruitment notification & job opportunities for individuals passionate about making a difference in the health sector. With its commitment to advancing healthcare and promoting scientific research. Latest notification of jobs in ICMR carrier provides a dynamic and intellectually stimulating work environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.The institution provides various training and development programs, conferences, and workshops to enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees. This not only enables personal growth but also equips individuals with the tools necessary to contribute significantly to the field of medical research.

ICMR NIV Recruitment

ICMR NIV recruitment typically covers a range of positions, including research scientists, technical staff, and administrative roles. Each category has its specific eligibility criteria. For instance, research scientist positions might require a Ph.D. in relevant disciplines such as Virology, Microbiology, or Biotechnology, along with significant research experience. Technical staff roles might necessitate a bachelor's or master's degree in related fields, coupled with relevant practical experience. Administrative positions, on the other hand, often require qualifications in fields like management or administration, alongside pertinent experience.

ICMR NIMR Recruitment

ICMR NIMR recruitment process offers a variety of positions encompassing diverse roles. These include research scientists who lead groundbreaking studies, technical staff who support laboratory and field research, administrative roles that ensure the smooth functioning of the institute, and field workers who collect vital data and implement research findings in real-world settings. Each role is crucial, providing unique contributions that drive the institute's mission forward.

Research scientists at NIMR are at the forefront of scientific discovery, exploring new methodologies and treatments to combat malaria. Their work often involves collaborating with international researchers and contributing to scientific literature. Technical staff play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of research through meticulous laboratory practices and technical support.

ICMR NIE Recruitment

ICMR NIE Recruitment offers a variety of positions ranging from research assistants and project scientists to administrative roles. Each position has a detailed job description outlining the responsibilities, required qualifications, and skills. Prospective candidates should thoroughly review these descriptions to ensure they are a good fit for the role they are applying for.

It is imperative for candidates to meet the eligibility criteria, which encompass academic qualifications and professional experience. Typically, positions at ICMR NIE require candidates to hold a relevant degree in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, or related fields. Additionally, specific roles may demand a certain number of years of experience in research or relevant professional settings

ICMR NIOH Recruitment

ICMR NIOH periodically announces recruitment opportunities for a range of positions. These include roles such as research scientists, technical staff, and administrative personnel. Research scientists at ICMR NIOH engage in groundbreaking work, exploring various aspects of occupational health, including toxicology, ergonomics, and industrial hygiene. Technical staff support these research activities through laboratory work, data analysis, and field studies. Administrative positions are also crucial, ensuring the smooth operation of the institute's various programs and initiatives.

Qualifications and experience required for these roles vary depending on the position. Research scientists typically need advanced degrees in relevant fields such as occupational health, public health, or environmental science, along with significant research experience. Technical staff positions may require specialized training or certifications in laboratory techniques or data management. Administrative roles usually require experience in project management, human resources, or financial administration.

ICMR NICED Recruitment

ICMR NICED offers a variety of career opportunities that cater to individuals passionate about medical research and public health. The recruitment drives typically seek to fill positions such as research scientists, who lead and conduct pivotal studies; lab technicians, who support research activities by managing and operating laboratory equipment; and administrative roles that ensure the smooth operation of the institute. Additionally, support staff positions are available to assist in various capacities, ensuring that the institute functions efficiently.

ICMR recruitment for different positions - assistant, scientist, dentist, BDS

ICMR offers job vacancies across various positions, catering to individuals with diverse skill sets and qualifications. Some key positions include:

  • Assistant: ICMR regularly recruits assistants who handle administrative tasks and provide support to the research teams. Assistants play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution.
  • Scientist: ICMR offers job opportunities for scientists, who are at the forefront of medical research. Scientists at ICMR contribute to groundbreaking studies, conduct experiments, and publish research papers that have a lasting impact on the field.
  • Dentist: ICMR recognizes the significance of dental health in overall well-being. Therefore, the institution offers job vacancies for dentists who specialize in oral health and contribute to research in this field.
  • BDS: ICMR also provides job opportunities for individuals with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree. These roles involve conducting research, providing dental care, and contributing to the development of oral health policies.

Salary and benefits for ICMR employees

ICMR offers competitive salary packages that are commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the employees. In addition to the basic salary, employees enjoy various benefits, including health insurance coverage, provident fund, and gratuity.

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